2 Guys…1 Hour…All Nonsense!

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Broadcasting Over The Electric Rainbow…

Broadcasting since 2004 : unscripted, uncensored & unhinged.

Join Maf & Lee for around 60 minutes of mayhem as they chat about anything and everything. No topic is taboo and no joke is too bad.

Joined by a chatroom of regular live misfits listeners there’s no knowing where the show will end up and what tangents it will take. So why not join us in our chatroom and exert your influence.

Although there is no script we do know that certain things will happen each show:-

  • Backtrax
  • Harikaraoke
  • A Cover Version Sandwich
  • Some Music (usually a track that’s piqued our interest this week)
  • Some Green Onions (because we haven’t had a cease & desist yet)

…Directly Into Your Earholes!

Every other week, Lee can’t do the show…  So what happens then?
Well, then you get a ‘Maf’s Musical Hodgepodge’.   It’s usually less chat and more music (there may be a theme but mostly it’s whatever has taken Maf’s fancy recently).

2 Guys : Lee & Maf

Irregular Slots

An occasional quiz segment where we play a snippet of a number of songs backwards and you tell us what they are (in the chatroom). Don’t worry, We give you the answers after a few minutes.
Take a minute from seven different versions of the same song, slap them together and then sandwich them between a minute of the original. An eight minute audio treat.
Harikaraoke.  n. Self inflicted death by song  :  One Song, One Shot.

Listen as we hit the random button on the old karaoke machine and sing whatever comes up (whether we know it or not)

Lee & Maf

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