The One With Brains

The One With Brains

March 31th – Show 591

In this show: 


5 minutes before the show started I get a text from my affable co-host that said 

   “I’m pissed in the pub, might be a tad late”.  

   “No problem,” says I, “I have an emergency Hodgepodge ready in the wings.    It’s all songs with BRAIN in the title.”

It started off kinda sanely until about the 37 minute mark when a boisterous drunkard joins us for 25 minutes. During this time we wonder what exactly ‘de-thawing’ means and you get a bit of my childhood history by way of an astounding coincidence.

Normal service is resumed at just past the hour mark.


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Snug Stats

Music this Show

Mental As Anything – Brain Brain (04:27)
The Flaming Lips – If I Only Had A Brain (02:16)
Bad Manners – Got No Brains (03:49)
Blunt Mechanic – Our First Brains (03:02)
Buku – Brain Dead (Original Mix) (07:13)
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (10:20)
The Zombeatles – Ate Brains A Week (02:16)
Green Go – Brains For Breakfast (03:01)
Innaway – Tiny Brains (02:48)
Porkers – Buds For Brains (02:57)
Richard Cheese – Insane In The Brain (03:19)
Voltaire – Brains! (05:13)
Rita Ora – Dancing On My Brain (04:11)
Jonathan Coulton – Re Your Brains (04:32)

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