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The One With Training

January 18th - Show 633 Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom : Wikipedia) In this show:  Conversation: Its the pre holiday show as I'm off to Orlando the morning after recording this episode.  I'm releasing it from Uncle Mickeys house after a long day in the theme parks. Lee's been training Tamara's having Nose surgery [...]

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The One With A 60s Hodgepodge

January 11th - Show 632 In this show:  It's a hodgepodge and it's from the 60's Don't forget you can feed our egos in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3 a Facebook message a blog comment below an ITunes review. Keep watching the Twitter Why not surprise us with an email to Please take some time to [...]

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The First One of 2017

January 4th - Show 631 In this show:  Conversation: Post Christmas round up: The Genting Casino Gauchos Steak House Vicky H's Birthday trip Breaking Las Vegas Where's Beth? UW The Legend That Is, Johnny Ball The TV and Film Section21David Brent, Life On The Road Keeping Up With The JonesesRogue One Passengers Ghostheads Mascots Royal [...]

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