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The One With Toblerone

November 9th - Show 623 In this show:  Breaking News: Toblerone reduces its bars(oh...and Trump is El Presidente elect)The TV and Film SectionThe AccountantDoctor StrangeJack Reacher The Best of the Rest: Honey G ?? More Trump Don't forget you can feed our egos in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3 a Facebook message a [...]

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The One With An Emergency Hodgepodge

November 2nd - Show 622 In this show:  The C Section:We break from our emergency hodgepodge to bring you a report from the deepest darkest South of the US.  Our roving correspondent, Rob, gives us an election update from Kentucky, as Trump pulls ahead in a poll and the FBI reopen their stupid 'Hilz's emails' investigation. [...]

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