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The One With Folliculitis

October 26th - Show 621 In this show:  The C Section: Lees Emails and Facebook notifications American Politics My 'health check' and Boxercise!! Lee gets folliculitis Lees dilemma My exhaust The Best of the Rest: Halloween messages from Smeegore and Tamara Late entrance from Rob from Kentucky Don't forget you can feed our egos in [...]

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The One With A Sports Injury

October 12th - Show 619b In this show:  The C-Section: We missed a number! I drink a Babycham Lee has a 'sporting' injury My Alton Towers umbrella The TV and Film SectionFrequency Suicide SquadNeigbours (the aussie soap opera) The Best of the Rest: My Kickstarters 1 - The Gripsher My Kickstarters 2 - 10 Minute [...]

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The One With Babycham

October 5th - Show 619 In this show:  The Chat Section: Sober October fail Lee escapes Escape Rooms Smiths tribute band Babycham  How does nostalgia work...?  The TV and Film Section Now You See Me 2 again Luke Cage Concussion (will smith) Louis Theroux: Savile The Best of the Rest: International Podcast Day Alton Towers [...]

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