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The One With Some Prince

April 21st - Show 594 In this show:  Previously On The Snug: impossibly, someone was able to salvage last weeks show from the airwaves!The TV and Film SectionLee says 'don't watch Tooken' Green Inferno The Picture Of Dorian Gray (1945) He Never Died Fifty Shades Of Cack Black Also, SPOILERS for Marcella Prince. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) [...]

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The One With No First Hour

April 14th - Show 593 In this show:  Breaking News: The first hour of the show didn't record (which explains why it's so short)The TV and Film Section Lee's watched Daredevil Time Rush They Found Hell Bad Ass (and its sequels)Dawn Of The Dead (2004) Cabin In The Woods I've also spent a lot of [...]

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The One With Jumps

April 7th - Show 592 In this show:  It's a Musical Hodgepodge of JUMPs: 18 songs 14 songs with Jump in the title 4 songs with a variation of Jump 3 covers of Jump by Van Halen (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Don't forget you can feed our egos in many ways: drop us a line, or [...]

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