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The One With Deaths

January 14th - Show 580 In this show:  Lee's been on his "LED Light fitter" training with Utility Warehouse.Lees being watching Tattoo Fixers Tamara joins the show to explain why she's having a teaspoon tattooed round her wristthen introduces us to the concept of Jehovahs Vampires. Quick Picks: David Bowie and Alan Rickman die, both [...]

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The One With Threesomes

January 7th - Show 579 In this show:  We kick off the year with a hodgepodge of threesomes (no, not that sort).  The Snug Listener Feedback Survey Don't forget you can feed our egos in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3 a Facebook message a blog comment below an ITunes review. Keep watching the Twitter Why not [...]

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Christmas Special – Part 4 – Home

December 31st - Show 578 In this show:  That's the thing about all this timey-wimey never know when you're going to get back to the correct time... So, here's the finale of our Christmas Special shows...and it's only a teensy bit late. With Lee rescued from The Purple Pit, it's time to head back [...]

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