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The One With A Mini

November 26th - Show 573 In this show:  Rubbing shoulders with stardom...well, Gogglebox stars anyway Jessica Jones Lee has got his mini (and a surge of enthusiasm and motivation) Lees Fruit Machine 'problem' The Kickstarter Zano fiasco Lees been watching I'm A Celebrity  The Snug Listener Feedback Survey Don't forget you can feed our egos [...]

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The One With Some 80’s

November 12th - Show Credit: In this show:  We discuss Alton Towers fireworks spectacular and their annoying crowd control.  Lee tells us about Bad Grampa and I talk about a couple of pinball documentaries Ive just watched : Special When Lit and Tilt. This kicks off some 80's video game nostalgia which dovetails quite nicely [...]

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