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The One With Instrumentals

September 24th - Show 564 In this show:  It's an experimental instrumental hodgepodge.  Lee suggested a song for this show which turned out to be instrumental...Also, I have an idea in the back of my head for a new music podcast that is purely instrumental and for helping you focus while you work... These two [...]

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The One With Offensiveness

September 17th - Show 563 In this show:  My friend Donna (as discussed last show) has died Movies: Fun Size Horror Spy John Wick Spongebob Squarepants 2 Lees working on a new website TV Show: It Was Alright In The 70s  Execution Vs Boobs  politically correct chat and offensiveness  T's 'Blair Witch' Periscope Utility Warehouse [...]

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The One With Tamaras Chinwag

September 10th - Show 562 In this show:  My views on Mr Robot now I've watched the whole season Lees views on Stitchers my new Lytro camera (here's an example from the gallery) A visit to the Apple store Milton Keynes and babywipes Tamara joins us to have a chinwag She Periscopes Fiverr and stuff [...]

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