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The One With A Little Horst

August 27th - Show 560 In this show:  It's a musical hodgepodge in two halfs.  The first section is songs with 'Thursday' in the title and the second half is 'Things I Found On Youtube'!  It's about an hour and a halfs worth and , as always, the track listing is below (with links to [...]

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The One With A Holy Grail

August 20th - Show 559 In this show:We talk about a lot of here's a list:  Lees (Main karaoke) laptop has died So has a drive in his Drobo My visit to Center Parcs (the pool, the accommodation, the scary fox) Popcorntime arrests GCSE reults Lee's on Green Tea Artificial sweetener Lees Brand New [...]

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The One With a Bike Rack

August 13th - Show 558 In this show:  Lee's here and because he's been away for 3 weeks, we're all over the place.  We have some more Secret Cinema chat, some info about the Wayward Pines finale (and other assorted TV shows too) and we hear about Bubbles' knees.  Then I tell you about my [...]

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The One With Hot Jukebox Wars

August 6th - Show 557 In this show:  it's a 3 themed musical hodgepodge as I tell you a little bit about my Secret Cinema Empire Strikes Back visit in between a number of Star Wars related songs.   Then we have a few songs about the sun and we round off with a number [...]

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The One That’s Inside Out

July 30th - Show 556 In this show:  Lee is celebrating his anniversary this week so I've got a cinema related hodgepodge for you including songs inspired by Ant-Man, Inside Out and Pixels for the first half and a second half of pure un-themed podge.  The Snug Listener Feedback Survey Don't forget you can feed [...]

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