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The One With Lees Birthday

July 23th - Show 555 In this show:  It's Lees birthday!  exactly 45 years ago today he was unleashed onto an unsuspecting public.   He's also not joining us for this we celebrate without him by having a 'Birthday' hodgepodge which slowly morphs into something a little more crazy (Orstrich Von Nipple and Mr. [...]

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The One With The Cascadia Subduction

July 16th - Show 554 In this show:  We hear about my neighbours 3am window frame remodelling and Lees 'busy' week, and then we get a surprise call from the crazy Canadian herself, Tamara! (and she stays for the rest of the show.  In between Tamara's stories we also talk about The Cascadia Subduction (which kinda [...]

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The One With A Doppelganger

July 2nd - Show 552 In this show:  We discuss: Dyson fans My doppelganger (see right) Breaking Alton Towers news The Monorail, Air and Sonic spinball Lee being healthy no e-cig, no beer, walking, getting up early!!! My Whittle And Wallis Brunel chest from Kickstarter. Sallys Wedding and photobooth The following TV Wayward Pines Complications [...]

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