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The One With Great Heights

February 19th - Show 533 In this show:  It's hodgepodge time again and this shows theme is songs with 'Great' or 'Height' in their titles.  Enjoy.  The Snug Listener Feedback Survey Don't forget you can feed our egos in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3 a Facebook message a blog comment below an ITunes review. Keep watching the Twitter [...]

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The One With New Backtrax

February 12th - Show 532 In this show:  Lee has watched Kingsmen so we chat about Mark Hamill, disabled ladies and I introduce him to the sartorial goodness that is (£600 for shoes though?!) Then we move onto Wordpress, specifically changing themes, SEO and customer frustrations.  We also talk portfolios and why we've been [...]

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The One With Naked Molerats

January 29th - Show 530 In this show:  We take our new jingles for a test drive and Springs from Springs and Mr. Geek joins us live to chat about back pain and naked molerats Naked Molerat Heterocephalus glaber  (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Lee just finished watching Taken 3 before the show and I have finally [...]

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