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The One Before Christmas 2014

December 18th - Show 525 In this show:  Is Lee ready for Christmas? Josh new job Lees new vocal toy The Equaliser Christmas quiz North Korea, the Sony hack and Lees security tip mistletoe facts The 12 days of Christmas controversy Christmas gifts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Sit down, put feet up, enjoy  The Snug Listener Feedback [...]

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The One With SmeeGore

December 11th - Show 524 In this show:  Where does the time go? Iguanas at Meadowhall Fiverrs a plenty The Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects Processor Demo My Doctors appointment #boobiemovies PirateBay and EZTV are down! Plex metadata Lee Evans & Lee Mack & Sarah Millican E-Cigarettes and USB Condoms -  Smeegores 12 Days Of Christmas [...]

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The One With Kiva

December 4th - Show 523 In this show:  We covered so much, it's easier to do these show notes as bullets for you:  Melodyne and harikaraoke (27 non-stop days) Snow at 'Historical Horse feathers' The $25 Kiva card Kickstarter Sally's PC, UW and the website Music Magpie Lees emails and data recovery Dodgy direct debit [...]

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