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The One With Pairings

November 27th - Show 522 In this show:  Bull Moose Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It's another Musical HodgePodge...I know, I know...two in a row...we really are spoiling you.   Anyway, it's a show of we sprinkle 'kinda related' songs throughout. There's a couple of fantastic minor key versions of major key songs from Chase Holfelder [...]

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The One With A G String Swing

November 20th - Show 521 In this show:  It's a 'slightly less than an hour' musical hodgepodge for Lee suffers catastrophic computer failure and is unable to make it.  Amidst the delights, I have a couple of vastly different At Last's, a brace of 'each end of the spectrum' Abba covers and a 'not [...]

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The One With Songalikes

November 13th - Show 520 In this show:  It's general discussions about the usual topics (UW, Fiverr and films etc) but we side track off into the world of songs that sound similar.  I stumbled across an LP of library music by Keith Mansfield  and thought I'd discovered a glaring similarity between one of his tracks and [...]

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The One With Ballroom

November 6th - Show 519 Late 'bullet pointy' show notes this show:  Lee kills a cat I take my mum on roller coasters in Blackpool Illuminations killed my car The Tower Ballroom and Josh (and dancing in general) Lee introduces us to E Nomine A kickstarter coffee machine - (The Arist) and a beer growler Strange goings on [...]

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The One With Precision Walking

October 30th - Show 518 In this show:  Lee has met his fiverr goals and I give you my thoughts about Halloween at Alton Towers and my tips for going thru a 'haunted attraction' We have a message from a listener who appears to be Peter Gollum Lorre...(?) We chat about some new Graphicriver actions [...]

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