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The One With Alvin Stardust

October 23rd - Show 517 In this show:  Lee doesn't realise he's missed a season of Person Of Interest and learns how to use Plex mobile.  We're broadcasting on Yosemite without any adverse reactions. We chat about Alvin Stardust (and Lisa Goddard) and The Doctor Who cancer conspiracy Lee has lost a stone and we find out [...]

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The One With Decaf

October 16th - Show 516 In this show:  Lee's on Decaf and the chatroom help him out with a number of articles proving that caffeine is ok for you...Here's 2 of them We talk about a harmony creating footpedal and, what I'm calling, The Anonobox debacle over at Kickstarter. Lee's health kick continues as we [...]

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The One With Taylor Swift

October 2nd - Show 514 In this show: We start with a chat about last weeks show and the genius of Pomplamoose then we move onto my work, Lees sleep pattern and Taylor Swift. Hear about my recent attendance to a mostly Scottish wedding and my drones maiden flight catastrophe. We go all 'filmy' on you [...]

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