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The One With Pomplamoose 2

September 25th - Show 513 In this show: We kick off with four slow songs as we hop on the bandwagon of pitch shifted songs...Female singers tuned to sound like blokes...with fantastic results    After that we crank up the fun for Pomplamoose night!! Click the pic for the wonderful Pomplamoose Soundcloud page! Its the second 'Pomplamoose' [...]

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The One With A Post Modern Jukebox

September 11th - Show 511 In this show: It's a whole show dedicated to the fantastic Scott Bradlee And The post Modern Jukebox...17 songs and just over an hour (even with odd computer problems too). And, to give you a taste, here's a video of a TED Talk he gave:  The Snug Listener Feedback Survey [...]

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The One With Secret Cinema

September 4th - Show 510 In this show: We start of with website issues...which means chatroom we move over to a Facebook chat page.  Once we get into it proper, we find out that Lee has a cold sore and is thinking of growing a beard.  He's even bought a complicated grooming kit. Hear about my visit [...]

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