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The One With Some Crazy

August 28th - Show 509 In this show: It's all a bit insane as we play sixteen songs all called 'Crazy'.  Granted, the last three are covers of the first three so strictly speaking its only thirteen different ones but they're great covers, so you'd be 'mad' to miss them.  The Snug Listener Feedback Survey Don't [...]

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The One With Fifty Fifty

August 21st - Show 508 In this show: It a bit of half and half as you get a song for every day of the week before Lee arrives then its business as usual as we hear about Lees meeting, Horse Feathers, Prestatyn's record breaking sandcastle attempt and bumping into an old 'friend' on the beach. We [...]

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The One With Robin Williams

August 14th - Show 507 Robin Williams (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In this show: We pay tribute to legend Robin Williams with a couple of his songs and a sketch.  Then we chat about a plethora of TV that we've watched between us...including: Snack OffCutthroat KitchenDa Vincis DemonsGuardians Of The Galaxy We have a brief chat about [...]

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The One With Mike Finnigan

July 31st - Show 505 In this show: Hear about The Secret Cinema Fiasco and My weekend in London.  Lees interested in Leverage after watching Hustle and we talk about Sharknado, Sharknado 2 & Expendables 3. Lee's had a birthday and he's also been to see, professional guru, Mike Finnigan.  We also talk about being Fontanal and wonder [...]

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