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The One With Candles

May 29th - Show 496 In this show (Photo credit: Wikipedia) What's that you say?  You're sick of hearing about our 10th Birthday?  How could that possibly be?!  Well, here's a hodgepodge that never mentions birthdays or decades… It's all about either cake or candles.  Read into that what you will. The Snug Listener Feedback [...]

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The 2014 Gaijin-A-GoGo Interview

May 8th - Interview Special In this show Kiku Kimonolisa Saiko Mikan Back in late 2004, we had our first celebrity interview (kind of).  Americas Number One Japanese Go Go Band, the inimitable Gaijin A Go Go.   Well, I say interview...But what actually happened was I emailed them a bunch of questions and got them [...]

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The 10th Birthday Extravapaloozaganztacular

May 8th - Show 493 In this show We look back at a decade of The Snug…Yes, that's right…It's the Deccenary Birthday episode. May 6th 2004, SnugRadio was born. But, Houston, we have a problem…for some obscure reason my audio interface refuses to send audio through its rear ports which means we can get audio from [...]

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