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The One With The Book

February 20th - Show 482 In this show: We find out that Lee is inundated with Fiverrs whilst mine are all on hold.  He's also found this Snug IPA that's actually brewed in Salt Spring Island (home of top international listener, Tamara).  What are the chances?  although, upon saying that, there's a  Snug recording studio & Snug [...]

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The One With Kittens

February 13th - Show 481 In this show: It's Valentines Day, so we have some love related tunes…but our chat hardly even touches on it.  We manage to cover a lot of ground, including topics like: the recent shock closure of The Nova and The SunCentre in North Wales, Lee's new Friday night gig, A review of About [...]

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The One With A Tablet

January 30th - Show 479 In this show: Watermelon Man (Photo: Wikipedia) We have lots of chat…Lee is excited about his new wordpress template purchase and hasn't eaten anything all day cos he's been playing with it.  He's also been sorting out his tax returns (and finally telling his accountant about his UW earnings) which kinda explains why he's not been [...]

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