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The One With Dirty Internet

October 24th - Show 467 In tonights show: Is that the sound of the last horseman of the apocalypse arriving?  Nope, it's Lee joining us for the fourth week in a row! We cover such diverse topics as: Our possible new chat tool -, The new Ipad Air announcement, Why Lee seems to think HAIM [...]

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The One With Two Breakups

October 10th - Show 465 In tonights show: It's 2 weeks on the run as Lee joins us for another show.  It's been a while so we get an update about UW (actually more of an appraisal of the Network Marketing landscape) and then he fills us in on he last couple of days in court.  [...]

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The One With Agents Of Shield

October 3rd - Show 464 In tonights show: Joss Whedon - Much Ado About Nothing - European Premiere (Photo credit: Caroline) Lee joins us for just over an hours worth of chat.  He has a really good reason for cutting it short...he has to see the Avengers!  Not that he realised that when we started the show [...]

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