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The One With New Clothes

August 29th - Show 459 In tonights show: Jennifer Aniston (Photo credit: Lord_Henry) Lee's Buzzing, Lynette has new clothes and I'm talking holidays. Lee's drinking Monkeyshoulder Whiskey and 'feeling the fabric' (it's NOT a euphemism). Lee's being to the cinema so we talk about We're The Millers, spending possibly a smidge too long on Jennifer Aniston. Here's [...]

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The One With Bollywood Covers

August 22nd - Show 458 In tonights show: I stumble and falter my way through pronunciation hell (sorry) as we do our Bollywood Covers show.  As most of them were taken from Youtube, I've decided to give you all the links for the songs in the main body of the post: Song - Ek Naam Naam [...]

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The One With Lindsey Stirling

August 15th - Show 457 In tonights show: We fight through Lees sound problems (some of which I've edited out for you) and have an early Cover Version Sandwich so he can reboot his router.  We chat about Fiverr and find out that Lee has done over 100 Fiverr gigs.  Here's a pic from his latest gig...Which [...]

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The One With Coffee

August 8th - Show 456 In tonights show: It's an all caffeinated Music bonanza as we hit you up with 19 Coffee songs and a Black Coffee Cover Version Sandwich. Coffee Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Snug Listener Feedback Survey Don't forget you can feed our egos in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3 a Skype voicemail [...]

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The One With Crack

August 1st - Show 455 In tonights show: Misleading titles ahoy!  Yes, I may begin talking about butt crack and Lee calls his vapouriser a 'crack pipe' but there's no other drugs on this show.  We do, however, talk about Fiverr, Utility Warhouse, Vapour Flavours, time travel movies, my work and Tiki Tunes, amongst other things The [...]

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