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The One With Minors

July 25th - Show 454 In tonights show: it's another showcase of the brilliant work of MajorVsMinor as we take the joy from previously happy songs and make them sad and, in some cases, sinister (yes, YMCA, I'm looking at you). 2 The Snug Listener Feedback Survey Don't forget you can feed our egos in many ways: drop us [...]

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The One With Majors

July 18th - Show 453 In tonights show: We showcase the brilliant work of MajorVsMinor and do a show full of songs transposed from Minor key to Major key. Songs that may have originally had a serious or sad quality about them suddenly take on an air of joy and happiness.  It will mess with your head. [...]

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The One With Angora

July 11th - Show 452 In tonights show: (It's now Sunday evening and it's been far to warm to do show notes and I've been away this weekend so what follows is an abbreviated version based on my notes) We mention my recent interview, my new car and its lovely lovely aircon, British comics from the [...]

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The One With Light Editing

July 4th - Show 451 In tonights show: I've given this show only a very light editing pass.  I'm going to blame the new job and being really tired!!  However, we hear about Lee's 'copyright battle' with a local plumber, My new job...and new car.  We also cover the customary Utility Warehouse and Fiverr chat (I [...]

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