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The One With An 80s Arcade

April 18th - Show 440 In tonights show: It's a Maf Musical Hodgepodge and the theme is The Golden Age of Arcade Games.  So its time to dust off the old 10 pences (25 cents to you Americans) and join me as we venture the 80's. Space Invaders 1978. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Arcade cabinets of [...]

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The One With A Super COP

April 11th - Show 439 In tonights show: It's a Utility Warehouse and Fiverr special this week with a bit of Lady Thatch thrown in for good measure.  During the first half we hear about Lees visit to a 'Super COP' last week and how well the newest member of his team is doing.  Then he [...]

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The One With Senses

April 4th - Show 438 In tonights show: It's a 'senses' themed Musical Hodgepodge as I cobble together about an hour and a halfs worth of music about touch taste, sight and sound, oh...and smell.  I still think you need to check out this amazing artist, Megan Lara and buy some of her stuff. The Snug [...]

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