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The One With Ladies of Harmony

January 24th - Show 428 In tonights show: It's theme night as I collect together 15 tracks that have one thing in common, they're all by ladies with great harmonies (in case the title didn't give it away).  Minimum talk, maximum music.  I hope you enjoy it The Snug Listener Feedback Survey Don't forget you can [...]

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The One With Skype Issues

January 17th - Show 427 In tonights show: Cover of The Ditty Bops We struggle with audio issues as Lee's internet connection causes us some Skype issues.  Once we reboot his router at about the 40 minute point he gets better so we wont be offended if you want to skip forward to that point (nor [...]

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The One With New Jingles

January 10th - Show 426 In tonights show: We hear how Lees kick off seminars have gone so far (not great..but the next one will be perfect) and I play you some of the new jingles we've had done by "The Official Voice of The SnugRadio Podcasting Network"©, Eric Saint John. We play another one of [...]

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The One With A Musical Hodgepodge

January 3rd - Show 425 In tonights show: We kick off 2013 with a Mafs Musical Madness show.  It's a hodgepodge of musical genres from an assortment of countries (see the list below).I also take a little time out to let you hear the initial results from the Mashup Software we talked about last show. The [...]

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