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The One Inbetween

December 27th - Show 424 In tonights show: It's the last show of 2012 but rather than rehash the year or look back and review all the stuff we did, we chat about how we spent Christmas, Lee's Ipad deal, my new Bose headphones and the Tassimo tea range, particularly the Apres Midi d'orient.  We also [...]

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The One That’s Pre-Apocalypse

December 20th - Show 423 In tonights show: A Christmas Tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It's the last show before the Mayan Apocalypse Christmas so we cover festive topics like the eating habits of an eighteen foot python...And hear Lee 'break' his PCThere's an hour and twenty minutes of good stuff but I wanted to take up [...]

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The One With A Christmas Vibrator

December 13th - Show 422 In tonights show: We discuss 'Mens TV, beard maintenance and suggest one of listeners needs 'an insertion of festive spirit' (which leads to a tangent about Christmas playthings, see title)  Lee tell us about his new lights, DMX and digital dip switches, and my cheap Tassimo coffee machine gets even [...]

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The One With Boobs And Prostates

December 6th - Show 421 In tonights show: The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe And Everything. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We've both got cold and although I've tried to edit out every cough and sniff, some have undoubtedly slipped through so my apologies in advance.So tonight we cover my Hitchhikers guide to the [...]

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A Live One From Lee’s

November 29th - Show 420 In tonights show: It's uncontrolled chaos as we have our first face to face, in the same room, show for more than a year AND the mancave is invaded by 2 lovely 'Australian' ladies, Shelley & Sofie.  Gasp in awe at creepy Uncle Lee and enter the disturbing mind of a [...]

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