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The One With Double Trackers

November 15th - Show 418 In tonights show: It's a Maf Only Music Bonanza and I'm rolling out the 'back to back double tracks' as you can see from the list below On Oct 27th Fuzzbox lost their bassist, Jo Dunne, at the horribly young age of 43.  Visit our other Facebook Page : Pink Sunshine for [...]

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The One With Passion

November 8th - Show 417 In tonights show: Snugradio Supports Movember Lee's here and we get quite passionate about passion as we discuss someone on our Facebook friends who is an absolute nuts conservative, so right wing she flies in a circle.  Wowzers. We also talk about Angry Birds Star Wars, the Monopoly Documentary Under The [...]

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The One With Mephobia

November 1st - Show 416 In tonights show: Lee's here and we talk about Disney buying Lucasfilm (I'm excited, Lee couldnt care less).We also touch on Mephobia and I give you an insight into my Boxing 'lesson'.Lee gets a phone call and from the ring tone we assume it's Ma Fratelli or one of the Corleone [...]

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