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The One With Canadian Hits

September 27th - Show 411 In tonights show: It's a Canadian Special as I invite Tamara to join me with 17 personal pics from the 101 Greatest Canadian Hits Of The 80's album we featured a couple of weeks ago.  Find out why Tamara picked these tunes and how many of them I didn't know.  Tamara [...]

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The One With Gangnam Style

September 20th - Show 410 In tonights show: Lee joins me and we have a fairly length discussion about the recent UW conference we attended over the weekend.  We have a difference of opinion about some related stuff but eventually move to other things.  The biggest shocker of the week?  Lee watches Dallas!  Yes...really. You must [...]

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The One With A Rocket Launcher

September 13th - Show 409 In tonights show: It's a Maf only music show and I've gone mostly 80's again as it seems to be popular.   I also talk a tiny bit about and the announcement of the iPhone 5 yesterday  (only a tiny amount mind you...I don't really get in the way of [...]

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The One With An Ebay Virgin

September 6th - Show 408 In tonights show: We discover that Lee was an Ebay virgin until today...when he sold his first item.  And now he can't wait to sell his car on there too.Visit our other Facebook Page : Pink Sunshine for Number one If you haven't completed it yet, here's a link to ... The [...]

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The One With 3/4 Lee

August 30th - Show 407 In tonights show: Lee's a little late, so we start off with a Maf only music show.  I tell you all about my hard drive woes and then Lee joins us for a bit...I say that because his bloody headset is only partially charged and he fades off near the end [...]

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