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The One With 80’s Music

July 26th - Show 402 In tonights show: It's a Maf only music show and it's 80's night again.  (see tracks below).  I also defend Piranha 3DD and John Carter of Mars (this latter really deserves your time and was pulled down by dodgy marketing)  There's also an update on my dads finger and hear the [...]

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The One that’s 400

July 12th - Show 400 In tonights show: And so, after much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, here is show 400! With the seemingly rapid decline of every computer in Snug Towers I spent all last weekend trying to move / rescue data from my Macbook and reformat / restore the system. what with one [...]

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The One With Rockbitch

July 5th - Show 399 In tonights show: Let's just state, up front, that this is at least a 15 rated show...probably even an 18 (or R for our transatlantic followers). really is! Last week Lee was supposed to be doing a presentation and we found out how that went...we also hear about Lee's [...]

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