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The One With Some Ex Dr. Who Actors

February 23rd - Show 381 In tonights show: It's a Maf only show so all the tracks featured are below.  It's also an unplanned, kinda ex Doctor Who actor themed show. The Current Snug Photo Challenge:  Take a photo of pencils. >Mail It Here< If you haven't completed it yet, here's a link to ... The [...]

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The One With T’s Birthday

February 16th - Show 380 In tonights show: We start off with a Maf Music show in honour of Top Listener Tamara's Birthday...She's requested a Jonathan Coulton and Elf Maf And Lee marathon.  Everything is going according to plan and then we surprise her with a birthday visit to the show from co-host Lee.  There's talk [...]

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The One With Nostalgia

February 9th - Show 379 In tonights show: Sometimes Co-host Lee joins us tonight and we spend the first part of the show reminiscing about the old, early, days of The Snug.  It's a whole 2 hours of audio goodness for you and we don't talk about Utility Warehouse that much This Weeks Snug Photo Challenge: [...]

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The One With A Wayward Son

February 2nd - Show 378 In tonights show: Yes, it's another Maf Music Mania show (see list below) We say 'Hi' to Glenda from Seattle and Maf tries some of Lee's jokes in his absence.As a blog extra here's the good, bad and ugly films as mentioned in the show:The Good - Tucker And Dale Versus [...]

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