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The One With Before Florida

December 1st - Show 369 In tonights show: Lee joins us for the first show of's Christmas ahoy folks...there it is just over the horizon...can you see it, slowly coming into view.  and I'm wasting that anticipatory feeling by going to Florida...yes, that's right, I'm away for 2 weeks.  However, this show there's the obligatory [...]

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The One With Some Barenaked Ladies

November 24th - Show 368 In tonights show: It's another Maf Music Mania show and we're in that lull between Halloween and December.  I get interrupted by and insane ex-wife (although she has been edited out :P  if only it was that easy in real life).  Beth's had her internet connected in her new house so [...]

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The One With Some 80’s

November 17th - Show 367 In tonights show: It was Josh's 18th Birthday this weekend and I've forgotten the shownotes this week (monday?! So soon!?) so it's a good job it was a Maf Music Mania show...It was partly an 80's night and all the great tunes we played are listed below (please click the Amazon [...]

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The One With A Music Mixture

November 3rd - Show 365 In tonights show: It's music all the way tonight as I provide you with a reasonably chilled selection of tunes. And that's pretty much it this show :). Don't forget you can feed my fragile ego in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3, a Skype voicemail a Facebook messagea blog comment [...]

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