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The One With Halloween

October 27th - Show 364 In tonights show: It's the Halloween show and it's a Maf Music Mania show.  That means it's an eclectic mix of obscure Halloween tunes for you, my ghoulish little trick or treaters.  Not only is there loads of (audio) treats but there's even a snippet of the 2005 Snug Halloween special.  [...]

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The One With A Maf Shortage

October 20th - Show 363 It's a 'ManCave' show: But unfortunately it all went belly up when Maf's personal life intrudes in an unavoidable fashion.  Before that though, we do manage to get about an hours worth of chat. We order a pizza, discuss Man Vs Food (see video below) and a lot of other [...]

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The One With The Buxom Strumpet

October 13th - Show 362 In tonights show: We hear about: Lee's new customers and Mafs old tenant.  Listener Beth becomes a customer and listener Rob translates some Swedish Christmas music from Mafs collection which leads us into talking about THAT feeling of the run up to Christmas best described as "that Christmas Squeeeeee!" feeling.  We discuss the heritage [...]

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The One With The Gentleman Vigilante

October 6th - Show 361 In tonights show: We hear about Lee's "The Secret" success...and his weekend in London, specifically Phantom of The Opera and The Albert Hall.  He provides up with a number of one liners and descriptions of some Ads You Will Never See Again. A good portion of the 2nd half of the show [...]

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