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The One With Superheroes

September 29th - Show 360 In tonights show: It's a Maf Music Mania show so stories are thin on the ground...however you do get a dead Imac update (it's not as bad as it could've been.), my thoughts on Transformers 3 and my 'new calling' in life :P  (that would be the Superheroes documentary I watched [...]

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The One with a Reverby Echo

September 22nd - Show 359 In tonights show: There's a strange reverby echo on my end during this show because my Imac is dead and we're running the show from my laptop.  I suspect I didn't channel the sound right.  I've also been plagued by Iphone problems this week too...godamn tech. We hear a lot about [...]

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The One Missing Its First Hour

September 15th - Show 358 In tonights show: Sheesh...I proper screwed up this show!!!  I forgot to press record for the first hour of the show, so you missed a heartfelt endorsement of the musical Blood Brothers from Lee plus a couple of great tunes.  Although I couldn't do anything about Lee's bit, I have stuck [...]

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