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The One With B. T. & W.

August 25th - Show 355 In tonights show: Wow! What can I tell you about this show.  Tamara! Willow! From Canada! Beth! Man Cave! Over 2 hours of absolute nonsense.  How could I present it to you in anything but it's total unedited glory (absolutely nothing to do with it being less work for me or [...]

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The One With Seagulls

August 18th - Show 354 In tonights show: We talk about:  The burger chain Wimpy, Russian subtitles and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and Vitamin C-men.  We cover some Melodyne and then find out how Tamara is preparing for next weeks impending live show.  We also spend an unfeasibly long time talking about killing seagulls and [...]

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The One With Some Roachy

August 11th - Show 353 In tonights show: Anyone noticed it got to Monday night and no show?  Didn't think it is anyway though.  Lee's with us, it's a 2 hour show, we talked about stuff and played some music. We were delighted by the return of ex-listener Roachy and hope she appears again next [...]

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The One With Some Bitterness

July 28th - Show 351 In tonights show: It starts off as a Maf only Music Show but morphs about half way through as Lee appears by surprise in the chatroom. So there's plenty of music tonight but also a nice selection of groan inducing gags too.  There's also some brand new Harikaraoke and the first [...]

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