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The One that wasn’t

Hi Guys Just a quick note for you podcast listeners and shownotes readers.  There's no show this week  (for the first time in a very long time)  Something 'not very good at all' has come up and Maf just can't face the show (and he'd just bring you all down). As it currently stands, we [...]

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The One With Soft Soles

June 16th - Show 346 In tonights show: It seems my iMac is having issues with virtual memory (spotlight & safari) which is making some of my apps go 'not reponding' for a few seconds...unfortunately Nicecast (which we record the show whith was affected for the first 10 minutes of tonights show...rather than make you sit [...]

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The One With Some Elf T

June 9th - Show 345 In tonights show: Maf's Music Mayhem again...Everything from Mrs Miller to The Pigs, from rock to instrumentals, from Motorhead to Elf Tamara... It's all here.  (Listing Below) Plus, of course, much, much more This weeks Featured Video is:  Ace Of Spades (from The Young Ones): This weeks Snug Challenge is   Something Old: [...]

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