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The One With New Backtrax

May 19th - Show 342 In tonights show: Oops!  Look what happens if I don't do the shownotes on a Friday...I totally forget about them until Monday...sheesh. Anyway, in summary then, Tamara says F**k, we have 2 courses of food related BRAND NEW BackTrax, Lee finds out that Tamara is coming to the UK, Maf talks [...]

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The One With A 7th Birthday

May 5th - Show 340 In tonights show: It's our it's more of an experience than a show.  I'm sure I saw somone in the chatroom say 'I'm Confused?!' at least once.  Beer, coffee, whisky and harikaraoke flow with gay abandon for more than 2 hours (count your blessing we actually went on for 5 [...]

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