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The One Before The Wedding

April 28th - Show 339 In tonights show: Maf's Music Madness - just over an hour of tunes for your delight and enjoyment.  We have a number of songs tonight themed to the Royal Wedding...Can you spot which ones? Plus, of course, much much more. This weeks Snug Challenge is   Something Birthdayee: Don't forget you can contact [...]

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The One With

April 21st - Show 338 In tonights show: Cover of Stephen KingMaf's been listening to the audio book of Stephen King's All Dark, No stars.  Excellent work as always Mr. King,  Satisfyingly dark.   He's also been buying business cards again...this time from who're currently doing 100 mini-cards for a tenner. We also get an Ipad 2 [...]

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The One With Rob & Tamara

April 14th - Show 337 In tonights show: Image via WikipediaMaf's full of cold this week so there's a bit of sniffing going on..sorry.  We discuss the uses of Hemi, Demi, Semi and find out the an equivalent word for 3/4's is Dodrans.  We're kind of co hosted by Rob And Tamara after we flirt briefly with video.  Fluffy's [...]

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The One With Skype Dropouts

March 31st - Show 335 In tonights show: Image via WikipediaWe learn about the origin of Calling Occupants as we ponder on world contact day. We hear that, sadly, Eddie Stobart, haulage legend has died at 56...this leads onto a giggle filled mention of Norbert Dentressangle. Now, I realise I shouldn't be starstuck but after last [...]

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