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The Last One Of 2010

December 30th - Show 322 In tonights show: Fluffy And Tamara are back, bringing their own brand of nonsense to the show.  Enjoy their company for an hour as they discuss everything from laptops, to wholesale finery, to Christmas films, to Christmas syphillis.  No, really...You must! Don't forget you can contact us in many ways: drop [...]

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The One Before Christmas

December 23rd - Show 321 In tonights show: We jolly it up with the festive tunes as we finish out top tune and give you a complete rundown.  We have a few minutes of obligatory UW talk, hear about Lee's 50 inches and have a chat with Naomi about her thoughts and insights on the imminent [...]

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The One With A Jailbreak

December 16th - Show 320 In tonights show: There's some UW chat, Maf has a new customer and the show is sponsored by Sheridans We try an Ipad Jailbreak live on air and it all goes horribly wrong. Maf doesnt get round to the show notes (and releasing the podcast) till Wednesday.  There are no emails [...]

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The One With 20 to 15

December 9th - Show 319 In tonights show: Maf actually remembers to press record this week...but...keeps forgetting to bring Lee back into the conversation after every you podcast listeners may find some of the conversation stranger than usual. We start our Christmas Countdown and give you track 20 to 15 (see below) as voted by [...]

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The One With Some Snow

December 2nd - Show 318 In tonights show: Another record button omission leaves you podcast listeners missing the first 30 mins of the show where we had extensive snow and Ipad chat. Elf Maf and Lee sent a video of themselves with Elf Fluffy and Elf Tamara at their Office Christmas we've put it on [...]

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