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The One With A Poker Face

November 25th - Show 317 In tonights show: God-dammit...see what happens when you forget to do the show notes over the weekend.  It was a Maf only show and he played lots of cool stuff...and got an Ipad.   why not listen in now and see how you can help The Snug with Christmas. Don't forget [...]

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The One With Humming

November 18th - Show 316 In tonights show: Inbetween the uncharged headsets and hard drive humming, we chat about Inception (and how we both understood it easily), The Apprentice (well, mostly the entrancing eyes of one of the contestants) and Mafs Ipad (otherwise known as Mafs Chinese Ebay scam. Of course there's a number of Lees one liners and [...]

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The One With Some Paolo Nutini

November 11th - Show 315 In tonights show: Maf only music show.  Music links below (where possible). Tamaras Links Very cool Shadowart Chewing Gum Art Don't forget you can contact us in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3, a Skype voicemail a Facebook message a blog comment an ITunes review. Keep watching the TwitterAnd [...]

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The One With No Record

November 4th - Show 314 In tonights show: Maf forgets to press sound file...nothing!!  So, he knocked together the music files we played tonight, into a half hour show...and apologises profusely. Lee went to see Lee Mack and talked about him a lot...but you'll never hear it Don't forget you can contact us in many [...]

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