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The One With Halloween

October 28th - Show 313 In tonights show: It's a Maf Only Snug Halloween 'Special' tonight so we see if we can't play you something a little different from what you may be hearing over Halloween. 100 Best Horror Films Time Traveller in 1928 Relentlessly Cheerful Chatroom Links (from T) Greatest Movie Deaths Old Masters: Before [...]

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The One With A Food Fetish

October 21st - Show 312 In tonights show: Well...Make yourself comfy now because this show is two and a half hours long!! (I blame the pizza delivery man) We chat about owning our own cinema and recreating the cinemas of our youth, quite how we manage to get it being powered by pigs escapes me.  There's [...]

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The One With Mostly UW

October 14th - Show 311 In tonights show: Yikes...there's an awful lot of Utility Warehouse in this episode.  I apologise unreservedly. On top of that, it's Monday and I'm only just getting round to the show notes (I'm a bad, bad man).  This obviously means that there's no juicy tidbits to get you to listen to [...]

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Another One With The Mancave

October 7th - Show 310 In tonights show: Another 2 hours of live face to face nonsense....And a live Harikaraoke. Latex Vaginas, Michael Buble, A private box (in the MEN Arena) and some Back to the future love amongst many other thing. Don't forget you can contact us in many ways: drop us a line, or [...]

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The One With The Mancave

September 29th - Show 309 In tonights show: More than 2 hours of madcap cap mayhem...erm...nonsense....And a live Harikaraoke.  All from the Snug ManCave.  And we leave the Utility Warehouse chat till near the end. Don't forget you can contact us in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3, a Skype voicemail a Facebook [...]

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