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The One With 1.3 hours

September 22nd - Show 308 In tonights show: Mostly music (1.3 hours according to ITunes but editing puts paid to that) List is below... Don't forget you can contact us in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3, a Skype voicemail a Facebook message a blog comment an ITunes review. Keep watching the TwitterAnd don't [...]

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The One With Motivation

September 16th - Show 307 In tonights show: Maf shares and Lee discovers he has a knack at motivation...there's the usual Utility Warehouse chat and New Listener Kay joins us in the chatroom.  We chat about the loveliness that is Kate Micucci Maf is also introduced to a news story from 2008 (by Tamara) that defies explanation..we call [...]

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Whoops Missus, There goes my file server

September 11th - News The more astute among you will notice we have a small problem with the server that holds our show archive.  We're not quite sure what's happened at the moment (we have paid the bill, honestly) but it does mean our shows archive will be offline for now. Where's the shows?!?! As [...]

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The One With A Martini Presentation

September 9th - Show 306 In tonights show: We are swearier than usual tonight as we we talk about Mafs job.  We do a little on badly mapped IP addresses and then Lee makes Maf do the Martini Presentation as we enter our obligatory Utility Warehouse chat.  Later we ogle Kelly Brooks' boobies as Maf reviews Piranha [...]

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The One With Training

September 2nd - Show 305 In tonights show: Maf's been on training all day so his heads a bit frazzled and Lee has just come in from a team meeting  so we're only giving you an hour tonight.  We talk about the A-Team and the Expendables, have a headset microphone mis-hap and discuss Utility Warehouse for [...]

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