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The One With New Pills

August 26th - Show 304 In tonights show: Maf's on his own again tonight....It's a music show Which means limited show notes... Which means he got them done on Thursday night! Which means you got your podcast on time! Don't forget you can contact us in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3, a [...]

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The One With Giant Rats

August 19th - Show 303 In tonights show: Maf's had the Utility Warehouse kool aid so there's some chat about that initially then we move on to Mafs pills or lack thereof.  We have a number of youtube clips on the show and then we're appalled at Giant Rats!! Tonights Links The stripper Pole Fake japanese Pool Marvellous [...]

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The One With Hyperbole

August 12th - Show 302 In tonights show: More than 12 hours have passed since the show and I still feel stupid...I honestly have heard the correct pronunciation of the word 'hyperbole' (hi-purbully) before but that doesn't stop me from having a complete brain fart and making an idiot of myself in this episode.  I was [...]

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The One With Covers

August 5th - Show 301 In tonights show: We're beset with technical issues as Maf starts the show sounding like an echoey robot.  After a restart or two we get going but Maf has forgotten to press record so has to recreate the start of the show, in post, for the podcast listeners.  As there is [...]

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