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The One With Sita

June 17th - Show 295 In tonights show: Let's try and link to everything Maf talked about tonight...Hmmm let's see here: First there was Mafs meds for his diabetes and cholesterol Then some Karaoke for the deaf Maf is trying to make more use of his And he tells you about  Moon and Clerks 2 He also [...]

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June 10th – Show 294

The One With FlatWire In tonights show: We talk Canadian microphone stores, Iphones and Ipads amongst other stuff.  Maf is shocked about how excited lee is about FlatWire There's an Evolution of Why Don't You Do Right And Maf forgets to share with you a visualisation of The BP Oil Disaster Don't forget you can contact [...]

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June 3rd – Show 293

The One With Mae West In tonights show: Stuff, more stuff, and then some stuff Jeff Hanson Eurovision Song Contest Winner Don't forget you can contact us in many ways: drop us a line, or an mp3, a Skype voicemail a Facebook message a myspace message a blog comment an ITunes review. Keep watching the TwitterAnd don't [...]

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