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May 27th – Show 292

The One With Diabetes In tonights show: So, Maf has has finally decided to go to the doctors and now it's official, he has diabetes and high cholesteral. Cue lots of death jokes and funeral talk. In other big news, Lee has quit his job...He's really gonna have to motor with the Utilities Warehouse stuff now. [...]

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May 20th – Show 291

The One With A Bad Back In tonights show: Lee has a bad back and Mafs roasting in his mini version of the mancave so it's grumpy old men all round.  Maf keeps forgetting the volume and Lee's headset packs in near the end of the show.  We forget to listen to the evolution of When [...]

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May 13th – Show 290

The One With teleportation In tonights show: We've spent the week recovering from last weeks party We listen to the evolution of Whole Lotta Shakin' We have a tangental chat about teleportation & Michio Kakus Science Of The impossible We do lot's of other stuff too but I forgot the shownotes and it's Monday now Don't [...]

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May 6th – Show 289

The Sixth Birthday Extravaganza In tonights show: We celebrate six years of Snug Goodness We drink beer and test a new range of crisp flavours We hear birthday messages from Elf Maf and Lee We get a surprise message from Scopey Steve We listen to the evolution of an 80's hit by Tight Fit. We get [...]

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