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April 29th – Show 288

The One With A Rising Sun In tonights show: We play all the music listed below. We listen to the evolution of a hit song from the sixties We hear what happened to Mafs cheap helicopter We look forward to our birthday next week..that's NEXT WEEK!!! Don't forget you can contact us in many ways: drop [...]

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April 22nd – Show 287

The One With Some Unchained Melodies In tonights show: Show Notes forgotten again...oh the shame.  Missed all the Stolen from Digg during the show too.  How will I ever go on...  Hopefully I can redeem myself during the Birthday show. Stolen From Digg Waffle Recipe Of The Week Extra Cool Steampunk Workstation Woman gets Chinese accent [...]

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April 15th – Show 286

The One With A Partial Lee In tonights show: Lee's in a meeting with a kitchen designer tonight and doesn't make it till the show till over an hour in.  Then his internet crashes so he's only with us for 10-15 mins.  If you only listen to hear his dulcit tone then you'll be disappointed. There's [...]

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Snug Music 2009

This is all the music played (in it's various forms) on The Snug during 2009 All the links connect to the Amazon MP3 store so please feel free to buy any tunes you liked You'll be helping us out in a small way.   (for Harikaraoke and Elf tunes, we've linked to the original songs) Aha [...]

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April 8th – Show 285

The One With Snug TV In tonights show: We hear about Lees expensive cinema trip and and his UW promotion as he rises through the ranks. Its BIG news as we introduce Snug TV Maf's been reading  :59 Seconds  and has some handy hints for improving your happiness. Lee disciplines his kids on air  while eating [...]

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April 1st – Show 284

The One With Me In tonights show: Lee's on A UW mission this week so he can't be with us however Maf reviews Fanboys and plays some music.  Then he tell us about the new shennanigans going on with his job and plays some more music.  Later he remembers his first band and then plays some more [...]

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