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January 28th – Show 275

The One With Much Joco In tonights show: Mafs alone again as UW affects the show but that's ok cos we have a music bonanza instead (see Music On The Show below)  Maf gives you an odd insight into the inside of his head and gives you a bit of Fortean Times We have a new [...]

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January 21st – Show 274

The One With US Houses In tonights show: Maf chats about the Carrey film based on the Danny Wallace book:  Yes Man Lee tours some US houses:  This one and this one stand out Mafs been looking at new sofa and had the misfortune of entering SCS which must stand for Shite Chav Sofas. The Week in Ross [...]

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January 14th – Show 273

The One With Competitions In tonights show: Disaster!!!  (or Miracle!!! depending on your point of view)  Maf forgot to start the archiver so although there was 2 hours of Snuggly goodness, you're only getting 35 mins worth...hopefully this will encourage you to listen live. There was loads of stuff tonight but the important points are: Competition [...]

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January 7th – Show 272

The One With A New Decade In tonights show:    "           " Stolen from Digg Celebrity Deaths of 2009 Hoof shoes make a comeback? Do Celebrities and Science mix? They're Instruments and they're odd! Plus much, much, more Don't forget you can contact us in many ways: drop us a line, [...]

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