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December 31st – Show 271

The One With The Concert In tonights show: It's the high quality, extended directors cut of Elf Maf & Lees Christmas Concert.  We apologise in advance for the higher than usual filesize...but didn't have to download a lot last week eh? Hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year! Don't forget you can [...]

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December 24th – Show 270

The One With on Christmas Eve In tonights show: Words fail us as we present, for your Yuletide delectation, highlights from the Elf Maf and Lee Christmas Concert held in the North Pole on the 23rd of December. We would have photos for you but they took away our cameras After that there's the T'was The [...]

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December 17th – Show 269

The One With A Week Till Christmas In tonights show: We're on the run up to Christmas.... so there's some Flatliners quiz questions over at and some Christmas music this week.  We have some more UW updates and Lee tells us about the new book Flip it There's chatroom shenanigans as some of us introduce [...]

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December 10th – Show 268

The One With The Other Side In tonights show: More London Stories from Maf Some UW information from Lee Some Christmas tunes Some jokes from Lee A request from Canada (all of it) Opera singing cabaret Maf is so so tired from his new job and is using it as an excuse for scrappy show notes...pity [...]

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December 3rd – Show 267

The One from London In tonights show: Maf has gone to London for the week and appears to have left jingles and songs etc at home.  when he tries to run Nicecast, he gets a network error through his dongle.  With no live show on the horizon, he decides to record a 36 minute podcast with [...]

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November 26th – Show 266

The One With A Superfrajelasticbasket In tonights show: "Hi everyone...starting a new job has really screwed my schedule...totally missed the blog for this show, so no shownotes...suffice to say it was it now" superfragelasticbasket Black Friday Deals (or not) Wanna join in with our Christmas Special? You need Skype, a mic and a specialised subject - [...]

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