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October 29th – Show 262

The One Before Halloween In tonights show: Maf's on his own again so we have: Mafs experience as he forgets how bad the trains are here and takes one home for the weekend.  On the upside, this week he's had an interview..and got another job.  Tune it to find out how that transpired and all [...]

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October 22nd – Show 261

The One With Mafs Boss In tonights show: Mafs new boss joins us tonight and submits a number of cheeky txt throughout.  we mention numerical dyslexia and katie in the steam room (and wonder woman) We have a new poll on the website for our new slot choices we laugh at the drunk and enjoy the [...]

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October 15th – Show 260

The One With Lollie In tonights show: We ask understandable questions Maf's kinda promoted but the project gets lightly fubar'd As we talk about plans for the Christmas show we somehow end up on furry Caveats and  Toga eating vegetarians. Lollie and Lee are doing the show 'naked'  Lollie had a bee in her bonnet [...]

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October 8th – Show 258

The One With A Pinata In tonights show: Maf's car woes and Tamaras accident get consigned to history as Maf forgets to start the podcast recording but once we're up and running there's no stopping us even after the bad pinata gag. we hear about Lees Utilities Warehouse, the flatliners quiz and Google keywords Maf's finally seen [...]

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October 1st – Show 257

The One With Just Maf In tonights show: Lee calls in sick at the last minute so Maf shoulders an hour and a bit on his own then calls Canada for a Skype-stilted chat. We hear about Mafs new job, FAQs about Time travel and take music requests from a couple of our listeners. We also [...]

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