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July 30th – Show 248

The One with A Decision In tonights show:We've reached our limit with Live365...That's it! we've cancelled our subscription. After 5+ years, we're going independent. Check out the new Listen Now buttons on the website for the new addresses. Next week will be our LAST Live365 show.Tonight we chatted about Ebay and Pot and played some [...]

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July 23rd – Show 247

The One with A Restart In tonights show:We start the show several times for our live listeners...once because of Maf and once because of Live365 However, in a nutshell, Mafs been getting his broken things fixed, is in a better state of mind...oh yes, and it's Lees birthday.We talk about Harpers Island and Dexter and [...]

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July 16th – Show 246

The One with The Dragons In tonights show:We're beset by technical (Live365 software) problems so tonight's show is either two and a half hours long or an hour and a half depending on which version you catch.We feature the charity single by The Dragons created in response to their factory being closed down. It's all [...]

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July 9th – Show 245

The One with a Reverse Midlife Crisis In tonights show:Maf forgets to start the recorder, so you're missing 15 mins of the start of the show...We discuss Mafs long CV & Teacher training and let you know how lucky all you live listeners are that there's a show going on while Torchwood is on.Lee chats [...]

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July 2nd – Show 244

The One with Sweat In tonights show:We discuss Michael Jackson: which song won our MJ poll, How many will you get right in the MJ Backtrax and which of Lees jokes are funniest.Maf revists Alton Towers and spends the day hoping not to bump into people he knows. He gets a call from the Halifax [...]

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