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June 25th – Show 243

The One with A Late Michael Jackson In tonights show:We discuss lovefilm, lees impending wedding anniversary, Mafs boring routine and his accounting issuesMafs watched Time Shifters, Childs Play 2 & 3We discuss the drinking habits of today compared to the 70's which leads us to and off-licences, pubs and Watneys party 7sAnd just as [...]

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June 18th – Show 242

The One with Pizza In tonights show:We ask for T-Shirt slogans while we chow down on pizza and then hear about Mafs interview (Don't mention the passport)We get funny business names from our chatroom and debate what's worse: Marmite or lime pickle. Maf runs out for an ice pack as his Macbook fan starts failing [...]

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June 11th – Show 241

The One with Ivor In tonights show:We're joined by new (non-regular) Live listeners Jeff and IvorMafs been to the gym everyday (I know, I know) but managed to watch:Reservoir Dogs, Street Trash And Both Swamp Thing movies:The guys consider an Apprentice application then discuss the opposite of unkempt as related to this new advertThere's plenty [...]

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June 4th – Show 240

The One with Birdsong In tonights show:The mentalist and an ex-wifeThe Birdsong radio station & listeners bird tunesLee went to a partyMaf talks about Retard-o-tron (this is so UN-family friendly, it's untrue) and Lee discusses Crank 2Plus much, much more!Keep watching the TwitterDon't forget you can contact us in many ways:drop us a line, or [...]

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