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May 28th – Show 239

The One with Crank 2 In tonights show:Hear how much fun Maf's had babysitting during the school holidaysHe managed to watch Wolverine and then started Crank 2 (first 5 minutes, but even this is enough to get Lee interested)Lee is reading Lee Child and John Grisham but is astounded by how much Maf has spent [...]

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May 21st – Show 238

The One with a Bailiff Firstly a quick apology...spent so much time over the weekend creating a bloody website, I forgot to do the show notes.  Even straight after the show I have trouble remembering what we chatted about which means you'll have to make do with sparse notes again (but hardly anyone reads them [...]

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May 14th – Show 237

The One with an apology In tonights show:Listener requests and emailMaf has been ill again...not flu this's worse..those of a nervous disposition should forward from about 20 mins in to around 30 mins or soMaf has been watching The Avengers and is astounded to find out that Contact lenses were invented in 1887...Meanwhile Lee's been [...]

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May 7th – Show 236

The One with Our Fifth Birthday In tonights show:we have our fifth birthday... Just over 5 years ago to the day we made our first tentative steps to becoming Internet Radio Gods...and some would say not a lot has changed.  We get an amazing 20 minute long birthday message from our 2 best listeners, we [...]

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